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Meghan Wolf with Rock Chicks

Meghan Wolf

Melanie Krahmer with Rock Chicks

Melanie Krahmer

Julia Preotu with Rock Chicks

Julia Preotu

Jessie Wagner with Rock Chicks

Jessie Wagner

Lourds Lane

Rockelle Cakes


Jennifer Arroyo


The Rock Chicks band:

  • Meghan Wolf: lead vocals
  • Melanie Krahmer: lead vocals and flute
  • Julia Preotu: lead vocals
  • Jessie Wagner: lead vocals
  • Lourds Lane: keyboards (and music direction)
  • Rockelle Cakes: guitar
  • Yael: drums
  • Jennifer Arroyo: bass
  • Sonia De Los Santos: solo vocals and guitar (opening act)
  • Colleen McGloin: host

This show was the debut of FRANK RUSSO'S ROCK CHICKS, filmed for a possible celebreality TV show, featuring performances by the hottest emerging rock and roll frontwomen in NYC -- Melanie Krahmer of SIRSY, Julia Preotu of ME TALK PRETTY, Meghan Wolf of NEW YORK NO STARS, Jessie Wagner of ENVY and introducing Sonia De Los Santos ... with THE ALL-STAR ROCK CHICK BAND -- Jennifer Arroyo of SUICIDE CITY on bass, Yael of THE CREINS on drums, Rockelle Cakes of DO YOU SEE THE DARK on electric guitar and Lourds Lane of LOURDS on keyboards and providing music direction.



Photographs taken and web site created by:

Barry Koopersmith

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